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Precare Instructions


Aftercare Instructions


Aftercare Instructions

Body Piercing

Before Your Tattoo


1. Plan your clothing around your tattoo. Think about removal, comfort, and discretion.


2. Eat before your appointment. Nothing too heavy, at least 20 min prior.


3. Bring snacks! If you're scheduled for a long session, feel free to bring snacks; drinks, gum, etc. Especially if you're diabetic or have an underlying medical condition. It’s best to be prepared!


4. Feel free to bring a book, iPad, earphones, etc., as long as you can stay still and engage in it. you’re good to go!


5. You can take up to 800 mg of ibuprofen prior to your tattoo appointment to help ease any natural swelling from the tattoo process.


6. Be sure to have all your documents up loaded to the app so we can check you in quick and easy!


7. Free your schedule. Large tattoo appointments ya need to not be in a “rush.” Make sure your babysitter is in order, that you don’t have to leave and rush to work etc.


8. Go ahead and get your after care now! It makes checkout much quicker!! If you don’t know which of our aftercare products is the right size for your appointment, just ask! Our customer coordinators can help you find the right one for you! Order off our app and pick up your aftercare package when you check in! We will have it bagged and ready for you!

Tattoo AfterCare


Leave bandage on 20minutes - 2 hours.

Unless your artist uses Saniderm: then leave on for 24 hours.

When you remove your bandage ; you must be able to clean your tattoo. The natural healing process has begun and plasma leakage is normal.

Wash you hands with anti-bacterial soap before doing anything with your fresh new tattoo.


Wash your new tattoo with a anti- bacterial soap. We recommend Tattoo Lovers Care, which is available for purchase at our shop.

If you choose a different anti-bacterial soap; be sure that it does not have a fragrance, is not a bar soap, and is not home made. A foam or pump soap is best.


You can let your tattoo air dry or pat gently with a clean, soft cloth.

Allow your new tattoo to breathe a little before applying aftercare ointment. 20 min - a hour is fine.


Re-wash your hands before applying your chosen after care ointment.

We have 3 aftercare to choose from.

Just ask our client coordinator which product or products fits your needs! Whether small or large, vegan, CBD oil, or sea salt, we have the right aftercare for you.


Apply your ointment. No need to “drown” your new tattoo in ointment. A little goes a long way.

Repeat this 2-3 times a day


If any questions or concerns arise, you can call us and we will help you any way possible.

Body Piercing AfterCare:


Sea Salt Soak: Fill a glass, large enough to cover your piercing, with warm water and add 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt. Place the cup securely over your piercing and soak it for roughly 10 minutes or until the water cools.


Wash with Soap: Use and antibacterial liquid, fragrance free soap to was your piercing, rinse it very well. Do not wash more than twice a day, if your piercing is crusty in between washes, use a Q-tip and warm water to remove the crust. Make sure to wet the crust because removing dry crust, even with a wet Q-tip, will cause irritation.


Do not move your jewelry or play with it: Moving it around will only irritate the piercing and cause it to take longer to heal.



Do not use Neosporin, alcohol, peroxide, or Bactine: If you look at the back of these products, they say, "Do not use on puncture wounds" which is what a piercing is. Using these can cause irritation, tissue damage, and prolong healing.


Do not change your jewelry before piercing is healed: This will only prolong healing and increase the risk of infection.


Do not leave jewelry out: Leaving your piercing empty, even just for a few minutes, can result in your piercing closing. If you need to take it out for surgery, job interview, etc. we sell retainers to put in your piercing to keep it open while remaining discreet.


No swimming or soaking: Chlorine will dry out and irritate your piercing. Lakes, oceans, hot tubs, etc. contain bacteria the can cause infection.


Piercings can take several months to completely heal and bruising, swelling, oozing, redness, itching, and irritation are all part of the healing process. If at any point, however, your piercing does anything that worries you, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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