Bill King

Magnous Aldous Predicto Smear, known to some as “Bill King”, fell from a star high above Abilene, Texas in February of 1977. From 1977 to 1997, no one is exactly sure what Bill was doing. Some say he grew up during this time and did things like go to school and work on developing is drawing skills. Others say that he was imprisoned by an evil wizard in a tiny souvenir snow globe until a clumsy imp dropped it on a stone floor and accidentally freed him.

In 1997, Bill began his piercing apprenticeship at the Happy Buddha in Anniston, Alabama under the tutelage of Todd “Radar” Gregg (owner/proprietor of Walk the Line Tattoo, Athens, GA). There, Bill learned the art of body piercing, as well as practically every aspect of the tattoo business. Bill moved to Kentucky in late 1999, when computers supposed to Y2K us back into the early 1900’s. He worked at Big Daddy’s in Radcliff, Kentucky with Tray “Big Daddy” Benham (Inkmaster Fame) until 2001. He then moved to Columbus, Georgia in November of 2001 and worked at Falcon’s until the end of 2012, when the earth was supposed to explode or whatever.

Nowadays you can find Bill at Black Lotus Tattoo gallery whenever he’s not astral projecting back and forth to Interzone (look it up). All in all, Bill has 19 years of piercing experience and his love for piercing is just as strong as the first time he saw Axl Rose’s nipple ring.