About our Tattoo Studio

Black Lotus Tattoo Gallery, LLC came together in December 2009. Owner/Artist Coralee Bragg has been working in the tattoo industry for 15 years. The first ten years were spent “behind the scenes” in the office and bio-hazard areas of the shop. In 2005, Mrs. Bragg finished a 2 year apprenticeship to tattoo. An opportunity showed itself while working for someone to buy a shop and have her vision of what a tattoo shop should be come true. She tackled the opportunity and brought some of her closest friends, who just so happen to be the best tattooists in the Columbus and Valley area, together to form Black Lotus. Even though our union is new, the experience within the walls of Black Lotus is mighty and goes back for decades.

Coralee, known to her clients and friends as Lady Cora, worked in the medical field prior to working full time in the tattoo industry. She spent 5 years working in the amazing field of Cardiology. She holds a Diploma in Immediate level Emergency Medicine. Prior to Cardiology, she was the assistant administrator in a women’s health clinic, where she controlled OSHA compliance and was fully in charge of the sterilization department. She uses these medical experiences and knowledge to make sure her tattoo shop is ABOVE the health standards.

Coralee believes in setting the bar high and making sure the health of her shops clientel is held in utmost importance!!